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Laurie, my husband of 43 years, father of 3 and grandfather of 3, was a tremendous person who died too soon. Oxford (Keble) Educated, erudite, successful in business and still working, but above all a wonderful family man, generous and kind to everyone he met.

He did his utmost to make the most of everyday and inspire those he came into contact with to do the same. Passionate about books, he had a huge collection, and passionate about family, friends, art, theatre and the outdoors. A gardener who was cycling across Europe until 3 months before he died, Laurie lived every day to the utmost fulfilment and to bring happiness to those around him.

Laurie was 69, fit, just returned from cycling on Eurovelo 6 across France, booked to go again on 26th June 2018, when he suddenly became ill. It seemed like a bug or virus, but he just didn’t get better and struggled to eat anything.

Three weeks later he had an endoscopy, was rushed by emergency ambulance to Kingston Hospital A & E and was confirmed the next morning with Oesophageal Cancer which had already spread to his spine and other organs.

We knew about Oesophageal Cancer, that it was nearly always diagnosed too late and there was virtually no chance of survival.

Laurie died 6 weeks later on 6th August.

A Bit About Us

The symptoms, always seemed vague and linked to stress, overwork etc.

We tried to live healthily, we have a super family, active, we grow our own vegetables and buy our food at the Famer’s Market in Wimbledon.

We considered ourselves fit, walk, have a large dog, cycle long distance in France, Italy etc. were on a Eurovelo route, swim, go to the gym etc.

Laurie had International CEO, Chairman and Finance Director roles and spent his career travelling and living globally, and the lifestyle that went with it.

We did our best and were very aware of the risks to our health.

When he became ill, we just put it down to exhaustion and stress, it was only when he lost one stone in a week, that we suddenly felt alarmed. By then it was too late, and he didn’t stand a chance.

Laurie’s death was so cruel.

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